This educational guide will show you how to start using your existing NLP skills and techniques to identify and heal the emotional root causes of illness and disease.

It is my deepest desire that the concepts within this guide, along with your own experiences in this area, become a staple part of your own coaching practice as well as your personal practice.

I hope by the end of this guide you will be keen to explore the presupposition that it is emotional dis-ease that creates disease in the body and be more certain that you can heal the emotional root causes of diseases and injuries with NLP.

In this manual, you will be introduced to the many scientific experts and medical professionals currently sharing their incredible philosophies on the mind-body connection.

What's inside?
- Information about the mind-body connection
- Studies by experts about how dis-ease manifests in the body
- How to help heal yourself and others

- How to help prevent ill-health in yourself and others using NLP
- Case studies to help you use NLP in your coaching practise and to help people heal the emotional root causes of ill-health.
- Further reading so you can educate yourself as much as you wish

This guide is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace any medical advice you have or will receive. You must always consult your medical practitioner for advice.

Healing Through Personal Evolution


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