Time To Thrive - Achieve Your Wildest Dr
Time To Thrive Winter Edition - Ep. 2 - Achieve Your Wildest Dreams
Baby You're A Firework
TIme To Thrive - Winter Edition Episode 1. Let's get set up for winter
Our initial reactions to lockdown
Jess talks to people about their initial reactions to the lockdown in March 2020 and explains our emotional music.
How to be Resilient
Jess explains the difference between stress and pressure, our perceptions, emotional needs and what can make us more resilient.
Choosing The Meaning Of Your Experience
You can choose the meaning you give to events and change your experience in life.
Tap & Talk - Jess's method to relieve anxiety
Combine EFT and NLP quantum linguistics to reduce anxiety and dissolve problems.
Dealing With Limiting Beliefs
Limiting beliefs are the only things holding you back from your dreams. Learn how to overcome them!
Manifest Your Wildest Dreams
Jess explains how to manifest whatever you want, by programming your outcomes into your subconcious mind.
Relationships part 1- Relabelling
Nick explains how to transform your relationships by simply re-labelling the other person.
Relationships part 2 of 5 - Escaping Your Relationship Blueprint
The blueprint for our intimate relationships is formed by the age of 7... Jess shows you how to identify the problems in your blueprint and how NLP can help.
Relationships part 3 of 5 - Emotional Intelligence
Nick explains the subject of emotional intelligence from an NLP perspective and how this relates to relationships
Relationships part 4 of 5 - Making Relationships Great
Jess explains how meeting our partners emotional needs for love, certainty and significance makes a relationship great!
Relationships Part 5 of 5 - Sexual Polarity
Jess explains the polarity between the sexes that creates sexual magnetism in couples, why it fades and how to recreate it.
Talking Redundancy
Nick talks about redundancy and how to approach it using NLP.
Mental Health Conversations
Nick talks mental health... and how we approach this topic with NLP.
Changing Behaviours With NLP
Jess explains the entire approach of using NLP to change behaviours
Overcoming Anxiety With NLP
Nick demonstrates how to resolve anxiety using NLP techniques.
Healing The Emotional Root Cause Of Disease
Jess gives an introduction to the paradigm of German New Medicine and how she uses NLP to elicit and resolve the emotional root causes of illness and disease.
Communication with NLP
Jess explains the Bernice McCarthy 4-Mat model of communication.
Conscious Parenting
Jess gives you an introduction to the life of a conscious parent... and how understanding your own childhood and parenting can help you make conscious decisions about parenting your own child.
The Power Of Belief - Be The Lighthouse
Jess explains the power of belief and that the biggest predictor of success is the determination to persevere during challenging circumstances... which is bolstered by strong self belief and the belief in you by others!
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