Once you have qualified as an NLP Practitioner, it's important that you continue your journey in as many ways as you can. Integrating and practising your skills and knowledge is a vital part of your continuous development. Sometimes people feel ready for the NLP Master Practitioner training straight away and others prefer some practise first. This manual is designed to help you bridge the gap and increase the speed of your development towards master practitioner level coaching.

There are also questions you might not know to ask on the practitioner training and only realise you need some additional advice once you are practising regularly with clients. This workbook aims to help answer those questions for you and give you the benefit of Jessica's experience.

Part 1 of this manual will help you become a more effective coach using NLP and help you to set up the coaching relationship, carry out the session from start to finish and become more skilled at asking the right question and applying the appropriate techniques.

Part 2 of this manual is a guide for professional NLP practitioners who want tips and advice on setting up their business, attracting clients, getting paid and avoiding some of the pitfalls that can be expensive in both time and money!
We have included some example templates for you to use in your business to save you time and effort.

We hope you enjoy this guide and continue your journey to become a confident NLP Practitioner.
Please email any questions related to the manual directly to jess@reedrobbins.co.uk

The Advanced NLP Practitioner Manual


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